Buffalo Chicken Dip


  1. Mix together the shredded chicken with the hot sauce.
  2. Stir chicken mixture together remaining ingredients, except for 1/4 C of the blue cheese.
  3. Put mixture in 9-inch pie dish (or any oven-safe casserole-type dish) and sprinkle remaining blue cheese on top. Bake at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes, until bubbling and a bit brown on top.
  4. Serve with celery sticks, carrot sticks, and any variety of Garden of Eatin' tortilla chips.
  5. For an extra kick, enjoy with Garden of Eatin's Red Hot Blues!

Buffalo Chicken Dip



  • 2 C chicken, fully cooked and shredded (you can use rotisserie chicken or chicken breasts)
  • 1 C hot sauce
  • 8 oz. cream cheese, softened
  • 1/2 C sour cream
  • 3/4 C crumbled blue cheese
  • 1/2 C shredded cheddar or mozzarella cheese